by icreepdecadently

What was I and what have I become,
I’ll be blind, till kingdom come.
So lend a hand to the weak,
Seemingly, it pays to be meek.

Slip one, on the sly,
Breathe out, live and cry.
The birds might need to fly,
Don’t hide, but please do lie.

Holes in our hands, can’t wait to stand,
Alone together, dark in my land.
Bland plans, grand scams,
Clam together, she’s a brand.

The skies are a red,
He’s probably dead,
Can’t hear babies laugh,
Bravely lays his staff.

Truthfully, I’ll tell you,
This lie, I’m going to sew;
Wolves howl, moonlit skies,
We run, danger smiles.

In this last hour,
Time’s to devour.
So many hands,
it made me yelp.