Words (Censored)

by icreepdecadently

“To enable one’s mind to roam unhindered under the canopy of servitude would surmount to true freedom; however, to break through the canopy, considered an impossibility, is true transcendence. Be born and live on in the house that is ours, but stepping out the front door would be the perfect and boldest act in revolt there was to god. After all, what must we live for but to shun the one and to show that we were able. Capable of doing what most wouldn’t dare. I’d want insurance, a car and a stable life with a wife, someone to take care of the inane insanity that we call life…sure, I’d want that…but that’s just living. Shouldn’t it be worth living for? And that’s the conundrum we find ourselves in, to take a piece of dead, grey stone which is the Universe and make it worthwhile for ourselves. To live and die is like urinating and eating, but to actually show oneself that addiction isn’t the driving factor in life, to throw away the syringe after a month of using it; heroine hell, is to live for what it’s worth. Shun what you must have, have what you mustn’t, come to realize the banality of your existence, die and live and die again till that door opens wide open and you see the light. You must define the might with which you hinder yourself down those steps, dare not look up for fear of spontaneous combustion, but keep your head down and trod along till you come by the blue oak tree, where you weep for weeks till you realize, “I’m still trippin’”. Escape is imagining the non-existent, living in the root of a carrot. A speck, or a giant. Your voice, an explosion or a whisper? Quiver not as the quiver draws faster, and forget there were ever words, forget language. Lost are the colours in the images we define as ours, the definitions must cease to exist, and you must awaken out of your dreary dreams about the green, blue and free yourself from form and other minds. Control, it isn’t worth having, she’s like the most eligible girl who wants her perfect prince charming. Cease to seize the day and let it be. Let it slip away, give back its beauty”.